I’m Matt Tunrer, who are you?

January 24, 2009

Hows it going world, this is my blog. First let me introduce myself, I am Matt Turner.I am currently in my second year of ottawa U. major in Communication. In my free time i like to just chill with my friends, listen to music and when i can i going snowboarding. So nothing too special i am just an anverage guy. So i bet you are now wondering what the purpose of my blog is about. This Blog was assigned to me by my New Media Professor Dr. Strangelove. His class is based around how new media is being used in the world. Is this next generation of mass media good for us. My personal opinion i find it intersting the direction our society has taken with new media. We have the internet which has brought useĀ  youtube, facebook, myspace msn etc. which can sometimes be funny and useful, but let be honest most of on youtube is just weird.The internet is now being used for people who want to be famous for fifteen minutes. But what do i know, i am doing just that with this blog. But in theĀ  next few months i will being educated you on what i have learned about this crazy world of new media



Hello world!

January 15, 2009

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